Follow the Sun

Somehow, I haven’t been able to develop a clear idea of the path to take or even the destination to reach. Even when I’m about to turn twenty in six months. This is a major drawback.. could even be that tragic flaw.

follow the sun

In some ways, it is like following the Sun – starting the day with sunrise; and being trapped within the alternate life in dreams a few hours after sunset.

But nonetheless, we wake up each day, at times a bit changed from the person that went to sleep.

It’s the week leading upto Valentine’s Day and even if you’re single, there’s no way you could have avoided thinking about love.

Don’t you think falling in love has actually become very difficult nowadays? Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Week! Spread the love!


Posted on February 11, 2012, in letters+pixels and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I’m too cynical for Valentine’s Day … but not for romance!! I just think the two are mutually exclusive!! How can you be truly romantic – right on schedule for Valentine’s Day?? Or is that just me …

  2. well agree that the present celebrations of Feb14th have been detrimental to the sense of love, but it has certainly intensified quests for love!

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