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Separated Hands

Think of all the people you’ve come across in your life. Who are those about whom you could write two original sentences without thinking?

And who are those you wish you could have? Those whom you wish you had known better?

I wish we were better friends. Nevertheless, I’m happy to have met you.


Rememberence and Recognition

There is a difference between rememberence and recognition.

perfect moment

You might recognize something/one that you never thought of conciously remembering, but to remember something/one and yet not recognize is an act of time.


lack of things to tell. why is that so?

search to find


everything is a search away, you just need to know how to do it!

for inspiration on searches on the internet, check this out

summer’s here, early again

Days go by and takes away your ignorance
Death will come when you have nothing new to know
If i told you that this was the last day,
Would you be more alive for that moment?

early summer

The title of the post is from a song “Us 2 Little Gods” by Dido.

And here, in alphabetical order, are five of my very favorite music artists (links are to their pages)