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Year End Nostalgia

So this is the final day of the year. It’s usual to recollect what the past 365 days have been, and where they have led you to. To look back is one thing, and it’s another thing to be sharing the moments and events that affected you.

The things that seemed important at one point of time may seem very immaterial at the end of the year, to the point that those situations may not even be recalled and their happening doubted upon.

December 31, 2011

Photos and tweets could help in remembering past events, but the outline of events mentioned here are retrieved exclusively from the mind, with nothing but a wall calender to look at. And no, the calender doesn’t have any notes written on it.

Started being friends with a remarkable person. Also started earning.

The days and nights were reversed. The Valentine’s Day wasn’t spent alone.

A change in job timings and meeting a whole lot of interesting people.

Spend some time in places unknown before.

The month was very mundane. Not being very friendly to some people.

Took a much needed break. Also started studying.

The exams were there. And the unforgettable movie ZNMD.

Feeling of being close to nature at home. A transformed me returned.

Bought an android phone. Felt that photographs weren’t all that important.

A friendship broke down, and for once, i wasn’t feeling good about it.

Visiting places – from nearby Bandel to the capital Delhi.

Sometimes the truth can hurt, but the fact that the truth was known by you should be appreciated.

2011 for me meant doing a job that wasn’t leading anywhere, and wasn’t even productive, but kept me busy.

The year meant being receptive to the world and experiences.

Not everybody you meet will be liking you, but it’s important to know that
(from the translated lyrics of Der Lagi Lekin from ZNMD OST)

“where have you been left,
life is like a convoy,
when are you alone here (you never are)
everything, everything is here..”